Team Bright Side Overview
One page leave-behind from recruitment meetings

Kids Team Overview
One page leave-behind from recruitment meetings

Transition Checklist
Everything you need to know about planning and executing your transition

Killer Legs Workout
Coach Nic's favorite workout to kill those legs

Killer Butt Workout
Coach Nic's favorite workout to kill that booty

RPE Chart
RPE is a 10 point scale for the effort you are putting into a workout - print out this handy chart for reference

Guide for finding your cadence with references to certain songs

Swim Workout #4

Virago Workout

Yoga for Runners

Skiers Workout

Cycle Core Workout


Preferred Retailers
Guide for where to get the best deals

Gear Checklist
Guide for what gear you will need for race day

Wetsuit Deals
The cheapest wetsuit deals we could find and some FAQs about them

Bike Rentals at Lakeshore Bike
Details on the Lakeshore Bike seasonal rentals for Team Bright Side athletes

Hincape Sizing Chart
Sizing chart for our Team Bright Side race kit

Race Kit Ordering
Form for selecting your race kit sizing




Nutrition & Safety

Race Week Nutrition
What to eat and what not to eat during race week

Cold Weather Training- Running
What you need to know about running on cold weather days

Cold Weather Training - Biking
What you need to know about biking on cold weather days

Hot Weather Training
What you need to know about training and racing on hot days

Safe Cycling in Chicago
From locking your bike to fixing a flat tire, you will find all sorts of useful information here

Bike Safety Tips
Learn how to prevent a crash, and protect yourself if one occurs



Fundraising Ideas
Our curated list of fundraising ideas and contacts in the Chicago area to help you achieve your goal

Even More Fundraising Ideas
101 ideas to kick start your fundraising and help you achieve your goal

Bowling Sponsorship
More information on the "2nd Annual Strike Against Cancer" sponsorship opportunities

Bowling Sponsor Request Sample Email
Sample email for asking companies to sponsor the Strike Against Cancer event


Training Overview
Coach Nic explains the training plan




Update Emails

Team Kick-off Email
Announcement of the training hub, race kit sizing and more

Open Water Swim Prep Email
Swim schedule update, where to buy wetsuits, and volunteer opportunites

Race Weekend


Transition Gear List
What to leave in the transition area

Spectator's Guide
How to watch your athlete on race day!